Sunday, September 25, 2011

OS X Apps That Still Support PPC

As promised, following my not comprehensive list of old PPC versions of apps that stopped supporting PPC, here now is my not comprehensive list of applications that still, as of this writing, support the platform. There are actually many more, but I thought I'd list a mix of popular titles along with a few that you may not have heard of and should give a try. So download away:

Ableton (music production suite)

Adium (multi-platform chat client)

Audacity (sound recording/editing)

Burn (great disc burning app)

Carbon Copy Cloner (backup utility)

Celestia (astronomy, space simulator)

CorePlayer (I haven't tried this, but everyone who has swears it's the most CPU efficient media player there is)

Cyberduck (ftp)

DropBox (backup and syncing)

GraphicConverter (image editing)

Growl (system notification)

iText Express (TextEdit fork with expanded features, the perfect middle ground between a simple text editor and a huge office suite)

LibreOffice (huge office suite)

Mac DVDRipper Pro (backup your DVDs)

MacFamilyTree (genealogy)

MacTubes (Youtube viewer)

MPEG Streamclip (Quicktime-based video editor, still supports Jaguar!)

MPlayerOSX Extended (advanced GUI for mplayer) (huge office suite)

Perian (extra codecs for Quicktime Player)

SABnzbd (usenet downloader)

Seashore (image editor)

Skim (pdf viewer, note taker)

TenFourFox (really, if you're not using this by now I don't know what more I can say)

ToyViewer (lightweight and surprisingly powerful image viewer/editor)

The Unarchiver (archive decompression, many many formats, essential at this point, just install it and don't look back)

VLC (media player, DVD decoding, streaming, everything)

Warbirds (massively multiplayer online WWII flight simulator)

X Lossless Decoder (CD ripping)

XBMC (all your media are belong to XBMC)


  1. Yet more awesomeness from the PPC luddite. I said I'd post your last list on macrumors, but I had second thoughts as someone started a similar thread which rapidly descended into the typical twelve year old name calling for that forum. I am not sure the script kiddies deserve such awesomeness.

    I have recently figured out how to stream 720p youtube on my ibook G4. I did post on macrumors about that, if you are interested. It involves coreplayer of course, and flashvideoreplacer. A little cumbersome but it works.

  2. Downloading Celestia and ToyViewer! I´ve just installed TFF 7.0 and it´s getting better and better. The beta was pretty much faster than 6.0, and i didn´t expect the official release brings any improvement in the matter of speed, but it does. I´m really amazed. We should vote Cameron Kaiser for president of Powerland, really. And you for governor of the largest state. =)

  3. Awesome list, thanks for sharing with eveyone those apps. We know it's limited but the apps for powerpc still "TRUE" and it's very sentimental still running this machine called PowerPC 

  4. iTerm 2 v1.0.0 works like a charm on my PowerMac G5 ;)