Sunday, November 22, 2015

You Ever Wanna Stuff That Effing Website in a Box?

Just spreading the word here--Cameron Kaiser released a new app called TenFourFoxBox which generates site-specific browser apps. Read his full blog post, but in short it allows a smoother and faster experience from resource-heavy websites by boxing them into their own browser processes and keeping spinning beachballs to a minimum. I've tried it out and it makes a difference.

Faster browsing is good.

UPDATE: And Adam Albrec has made a spiffy Twitter app out of this, including a custom icon.

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Tiger & Leopard Users Up to Their Eyeballs in Software Updates

Who said development on PowerPC was dead?

Adam Albrec has released PPC Media Center 5.5, an update that requires PPC Media Center 5.0 and is PowerPC only (unlike 5.0 which was universal). So 5.5 is sort of our ppc secret handshake update. It has various enhancements and now includes all options in a single menu.

ICYMI, LibreOffice for Leopard PPC has started putting out LibreOffice 5 versions. Looks like this project has staying power.

Nathan Hill at G5 Center has been developing SimpleMarkPPC, a MarkDown application that creates, edits, and exports MarkDown documents while keeping everything simple--you type in the text and it gives you live updates. There are a lot of possibilities with this, so definitely check it out.

Finally, TenFourFox continues churning out updates, and Tenfourbird is out with a version 38 as well. Still waiting for the former's 68k port. I guess it's delayed.

Got any more? Please add them in the comments.