Monday, January 20, 2020

PPC Media Center -- Final Update

Adam Albrec decided to make one last curtain call with his Youtube gui app PPC Media Center. After six years of support he deserves one last standing-O and Bravo! and all that. Although no one can say how long the app will still work, my crystal ball tells me we can eek out at least a couple more years before Youtube or youtube-dl changes something that breaks it. This crystal ball also tells me the stock market will crash this year, but I don't know anything about that.

Everything needed is included in the download link below -- the base installer, the updater, and the instructive readme files. The download link is to my Mediafire account, which I'll also leave on my original PPC Media Center post, but you should probably bookmark PPC Media Center's Macintosh Garden page as the app's main host. Since websites occasionally disappear without warning (RIP, a little duplication never hurt.

Download! Drink! Be Merry!