Thursday, September 22, 2011

Old PPC Versions of Notable Apps

There comes a time when everyone has to let go. We turn the page and look forward to a new day. Unless we're PowerPC users and that new day isn't any better than the old day and has more RAM requirements. But this isn't a rant. It's merely to take note of some of the more notable applications that have halted PPC support and point out that not all is lost. There are still old PPC versions available for download, and in some cases (Skype) more usable than the new versions. So here it is in list form, my not comprehensive list of applications that have halted PPC support and where you can still download the old PPC versions:

Adobe Air 1.5.3 (a runtime environment for TweetDeck) available here.

Adobe Flash available here.

Firefox 3.6.22 is here (TenFourFox is a PowerPC port for later versions of Firefox).

Google Earth 4.3 can be grabbed here. 5.2 is actually the last PPC version, but it tries to install an autoupdate bug/background-app that is way not cool. 4.3 is free of it.

Handbrake 0.91 (Tiger) and 0.94 (Leopard) are here. An unofficial PPC build for 0.95 is here, but it's Leopard only.

NeoOffice 3.1.2 ( fork) can be had here.

Opera 10.63 is available here.

Quicksilver B54 (launcher and much more) is here.

Skype 2.8 is here.

Thunderbird 3.1.14 is here (TenFourBird is a PowerPC port for later versions of Thunderbird).

Transmission 2.22 (Leopard) and 1.54 (Tiger) are here (a newer build for version 2.31 that runs on Tiger with the Qt interface is available here).

Next up, in happier news, a not comprehensive list of applications still supporting PowerPC.


  1. This post is a great public service, as per usual for your blog. I will link to it in the PPC forum on macosrumors, where all the cool kids hang out.

  2. Thanks! I'm all about publicking my service.

  3. Can you give me more details on the "autoupdate bug/background-app" thing on Google Earth 5.2? I've been using 5.2 for a while now and didn't notice anything. Is it constantly checking for updates in the background?

  4. There's more info here including instructions on how to remove the updater if you already have it:

    Basically it installed an auto-updater that ran as root, which a lot of people don't want for security reasons among other things.

  5. OK. Thanks very much. I just deleted the updater crap.

  6. You can get all version of older Panic Inc. Software here:

  7. this is very helpful. Im just wondering if theres an app for movie editing for imac version 10.5.8 ppc leopard ? or even for office free download so i can do some school work. Also i have the imac without the built in wifi...real there a way to download one, instead of using usb wifi ? thanx Mar

    1. "movie editing for imac version 10.5.8 ppc leopard ?"

      There's older versions of iMovie HD that came on the iLife discs. There's also MPEG Streamclip.

      LibreOffice still runs on PowerPC.

  8. Does anybody know where to find Bodega PPC-version?

  9. What about
    found from

  10. New Java for PPC ????