Wednesday, April 6, 2016

CorePlayer Un*ucked

So this happened in the MacRumors Forum yesterday:

UPDATED download link:

For a little background, user lotvai77 is the one who compiled Transmission 2.84 for Tiger PPC several months back, and CorePlayer is near legendary among powerpc users as the most cpu efficient video player (zen at PowerPC Liberation was one of the few who had a registered copy).

Now I can see what everyone was raving over. I previously found Mplayer from the shell to have the best playback, though for some 720p videos I had to disable the loop filter to avoid framedrops and this slightly degraded image quality. With CorePlayer this is no longer necessary and it has handled every 720p vid I can throw at it. I don't have any 1080p videos handy at the moment, but I've read from others CorePlayer can handle 1080p on faster Macs with ease.

Caveats: CorePlayer is the master of h.264 playback, but some mkv's I tried with it were wonky and avi's with AC3 audio didn't play any sound. Zen previously reported "little support for AC3 audio," so that's definitely been my experience!

One tip, if your cpu's too slow and you're still getting framedrops, go into Tools --> Settings --> Advanced and check "Disable AVC deblocking filter". I think this is the same as disabling the loop filter and it'll speed things up.

h/t Adam Albrec

Also: CorePlayer File Association Icons


  1. I'm still trying to get my head around how this was done, because without source this is virtually impossible.

    Also, try installing the Perian codec suite. It will add a lot more, but still not enough, AC3 ability to Coreplayer. AVI with AC3 still usually doesn't work, but MKV with AC3 do.

    Also, and this is an important point to make, the legality of this could be an issue, depending on the nation users live in. While Mobihand (the company that owner CorePlayer) is out of business now, law enforcement could still act alone.

    1. Maybe lotvai77 tracked down a CorePlayer developer?

    2. This type of thing is a civil matter and most L.E. don't care enough to involve themselves without a complaint - and even in international affairs, the first step before any legal action is a cease and disist. Not likely to be an issue. Zen you mention Perian, but I can't tell that it changes anything. WebM, for instance, that Perian enables QuickTime to read, doesn't even show up as an option in the mime-types for CorePlayer. I suspect it doesn't really look outside of its own support structure at all. On another note, a very similar level of performance to CorePlayer can be achieved with the final release of XBMC for PPC. Eventhough the internet addons don't work any-longer, its playback is ultra-peppy. Have got 720s to play on my old PowerBook before.

    3. Perian helped my AC3 playback. Fact. I have some MKV with AC3 audio, and before Perian the audio didn't work, yet after I installed it did.

      The only logical explanation is is that it can see external audio codecs, but not video. Webm will not ever play in CorePlayer.

    4. Could be! Oh BTW - I looked the app over and all assets are original accept the Unix EXEC. So this was retro-engineered from the runtime!!! Someone's KungFu is Righteous!!!!!!

    5. Very interesting! I have not had a look at the cracked version yet, but will look for that when I do.

      Thanks for the info, Adam.

  2. Regardless of legal issues, I'm ohn the side that this should be with the people, now that Mobihand is dead.

    Now any G4 especially just got a lot more efficient at playback.

    A tip... try the benchmark in CorePlayer. It's a good meter for how well your machine handles a certain video. A 100% or higher score is what you want. Below 100% means the video is out of the rage for your hardware.

    The only content I ever got below 100% with was 60fps x264 @ 1920x1080, but still got 97%, and it went up to about 110% with AVC disabled.

    Most of the options don't do much really, but the AVC filter makes a big difference when needed. I keep it off usually though, because i have enough juice with my 1.8GHz and want to get the best quality. I would say the video is about 10-15% worse quality with AVC disabled.

    I still stick with VLC and MPlayer for all my XviD and DivX, but even with those CP is a bit more efficient.

    Oh yes, the EQ works pretty well, especially making custom settings.

    1. So that was fun!

      720p video from Vimeo

      Deblocking off - 273%
      Deblocking on - 226%


      Deblocking off - 109%
      Deblocking on - 91%

      Not too bad for my old NON-CoreImage Card! ;0p

  3. Dan,

    Since you have a MR account, can you please try to find out how this person did this?

    I need to post about this on PowerPC Liberation, since I claimed this was impossible, and there is no point in doing that until I have a concrete idea of how this was done.

    You don't need to be the middle man. Maybe just share my email with him if he's interested.


  4. Dan (or zen ?), the lotvai77 link is dead, could you re-upload it please ?

    I still very impressed by this new paradigm for video on PPC !

    Thanks for the information, hope to see it one day on my eMac…

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. It's also hosted at Macintosh Garden:

      I guess I should wake up and update the post, lol.