Sunday, June 28, 2015

MintPPC and iLinux Back Up

In case you missed it, the MintPPC and iLinux sites were hacked. Also, in case you missed it, they're now back up!

The sites were compromised for several weeks because their owner, linuxopjemac, didn't own the server. As explained in a forum thread, he finally gained contact with the server administrator to regain access and was able to repair the damage. This is great news as there were a lot of useful files on those sites (xorg.conf, anyone?) and the MintPPC forums have always been one of the best resources available.

Also on the topic of service disruptions, Sevan's pkgsrc PowerPC server at is currently down for repairs. In the meantime, you can use


  1. The MintPPC forum is a great resourse, and I hope it continues to be. In terms of running MintPPC now though... it may not be the best choice as an operational OS. Development is nonexistent now, so the users should follow.

    It would be interesting to know what you think on that subject of still running Mint with Wheezy in the obsolete state.

    Installing the MintPPC package in Jessie is possible, but again, you're stuck with something that is 4+ years old on a brand new Debian stable.

    1. I think someone in the forums said they were working on a MintPPC 13 for Jessie.

  2. The moment someone makes a Linux version without shared dependencies, I'll be all over that.

    Also, the difficulty in making a 'master' install image (considering how Linux customizes so much during installation to match hardware) and The weird path routing (why does everything now have to go through the user's home file?????????!!!!?!?!?), make portable scripting super-difficult --> almost seems as though they have deliberately sought to keep Linux from becoming easy to install --> a bit like a really demanding girlfriend, who isn't happy till you have lost at least two friends and three pieces of furniture.

    I secretly think these things are left in Linux so Canonical, Arch and Red Hat can earn money. If it all just worked, users wouldn't need them at all.

    As it stands now, unless someone can get past these things, it will never, to me, beat Windows or OSX.

    This is really a shame too, since its execution speed is so good.

    I think what we are all waiting for is Android OS for Desktop. If that makes it to PPC, I'll be there!!!!

    1. Linux not easy to install??? When was the last time you did an install. Even the Debian installer (which is text based) is pretty straight forward. As far Arch making money you do realize that it is a community driven project right?

    2. I LOVE how well it works for being community driven. BUT there are a few things that are inexplicable. With Windows, OSX and even OS9
      one can make a master-install and simply create a new user account when repairing/setting up a new machine - to avoid having to re-download all the updates etc.

      This is impossible in Linux.

      • The new /dev/USER_NAME/Media/ path is plain stupid. This breaks compatibility with many device paths.

      • Dependancy Hell - need I say more. This is the single biggest flaw in Linux. The person who gets rid of it, will be the father of future computing.

      • The difficulty in re-initiating hardware detection and first-run settings is lame.

      Please don't get me wrong, when it is good, it is great. But when you start looking at 22 broken packages, or a repo fails to provide a dependency, or you are having to re-path Nautilus on the 15th machine in a row, the charm runs pretty low.

      These are flaws in design, not the Linux community. These are fixable, if Linus, or the distro-gurus choose to fix them. But short of this, FreeBSD really is looking like a better alternative. and as stated before, Android OS will be the bomb.

    3. Where you get that "/dev/USER_NAME/Media/" thing from ? I've never seen that before.

    4. I ran into it in Mint and LXLE when setting up presets in Sunflower for external flashdrives. Have been told by Mods over at Mint that this is S.O.P. for most Linux desktops now (though thankfully it is not needed in Terminal). Makes setting up custom builds a real hassle.

  3. mintppc web site is off line again . i did try to acces the website past few days and is not available

  4. mintppc org is off line again

  5. MintPPC is online again. I started working on a new version and it already works for G3 and G4.