Friday, June 5, 2015

iOS 9 is not OS 9

If you plan on scanning the tech headlines in the next several months, make sure you don't misread iOS 9 as "OS 9." You will be bitterly disappointed. You will be especially aghast at reports of new features such as multi-user support. In 2015.

For OS's that support PowerPC, we'll have to make due with what we got. Handily, TCH put a list together compiling every OS that ran on PowerPC through the present-day, so pay a visit to OS for PPC and go explore.


  1. When iOS reaches v10, I wonder if it will stay there for 15+ years :) Hasn't OSX been with us as long as it took MacOS to reach 9.0?

  2. This is a great resource Dan! Thanks

  3. The OS list is incomplete. but seeing how the site is the "Bil Geec Anti Fan Club" i am not surprised. Windows NT also had PPC releases, at least up to 4.0.

    1. The OS list may be incomplete, yet windows is not missing from it, because it is an OS list and windows is not an OS, but useless filth.