Monday, August 27, 2012

Save Electricity With Absolute Load Control

I've been noticing lately that more pages in TenFourFox don't finish loading, or rather they finish except for one pesky process where the status bar displays "Transferring from" or some bs. This isn't a problem except that if you open a lot of tabs on the same site, all your tabs will have spinning progress animations going indefinitely as the pages refuse to finish. On older computers like PowerPCs, this can take up a large percentage of your CPU power, and if you're on a laptop, a large percentage of your battery.

If you have many tabs open, it can be inconvenient to go to each one and manually hit the stop button which is where the Firefox add-on Absolute Load Control comes in. After installing it, you simply right-click, or control-click, on the stop button and it drops down a menu with among other options "Stop All Tabs." Problem nixed and fixed. Now enjoy your newly freed computer.

In other news, Samsung has been ordered to pay a billion dollars for violating Apple's patent of the rectangle.


  1. I can't understand what do more opened tabs have to do with saving electricity...

    1. Spinning progress wheels on multiple tabs means higher CPU load which means more electricity consumed.

  2. Commenter says tenfourkit is available as an app. Perhaps a article/review is in order?

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