Saturday, August 11, 2012

New PowerPC Blog!

The stork just arrived for a brand new PowerPC blog, PowerPC Liberation. Among the early offerings are a MacRumors Forum survival guide and tips for video playback on G4/G5s (with a post on G3s promised later). He uses two very upgraded Sawtooths, so it should be interesting to see what follows.

PowerPC Liberation


  1. Visited this blog, wasted 5 minutes of my life I'll never get back.
    This is the same guy that gets banned from every forum he trolls in, so the only outlet left is for him to start his own blog.

  2. I am not out to be rude or be banned from anywhere but I feel a personal responsibility as someone who understands how things work to be there with facts. Sometimes those facts are said a bit sternly but I never go beyond words like ignorant or pointing out how they were wrong.

    I do not bring my knowledge online to stroke egos of people derailing someone in need of help nor do I come online in a social way but out of a passion for PowerPC hardware.

    My purpose is a strong path of truth and facts for those in need and I am always kind to those I help. I only get rude when people come along with a big wrench and throw it into the preexisting issues of someone in need of help.

    I really appreciate Dan posting about my blog as he is one of the the few around who really know whats up so his recognition means more than most.

  3. @ Anon

    Totally agree, he is a self centered, 7448 blah blah blah, ignorant, immature person who thinks that being a 'certified Apple technician' means you know the be all, end all about PowerPC Macs.

  4. Anyone with any drama to inject about me is welcome to tell me at my blog. Please don't burden Dan with melodrama that has nothing to do with him.

    My battle is not against people at all but rather the misinformation that comes from many of them.

    Dan is providing a great free service for people here so again please don't burden his blog with your issues with me. He shared my page and if you don't like me then tell me. This anon and on another blog stuff is just lame.

    Allow me to apologize for this drama, Dan.