Monday, September 29, 2014

8.6 Software Install Disc for Sawtooth AGP?

(UPDATE: Disc image found!)

Chris Nova from Mac OS 9 Lives has put out a call for a certain Software Install & Restore disc. This one's very rare, an 8.6 one specific to the Sawtooth AGP (not Yikes). Apparently they were bundled with Sawtooths only for a couple of months back in 1999, and not one has made its way onto Macintosh Garden or any other Mac archive site.

Here's a Mac OS 9 Lives forum link to the thread where Chris lays out the full details. If you can report a sighting of one of these rare birds, click on over and drop Chris a line. :)


  1. The guy found a copy of the disk, downloadable here:

  2. And now for something completely off topic, Mac OS X Tiger booting on an Amiga ONE X1000 thanks to a new KVM build of Mac-on-Linux. Host environment is Lubuntu 12.04. I think.

  3. hey just noticed this thread.. thanks for that;)