Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Scratch Another Off the List...

Even Bar Refaeli is parting with her PowerPC:

Must we all be forsaken?


  1. Some are selling... But some are buying !
    I bought myself a Pismo for christmas, 30€, installed Tiger and Debian, again thanks to your guides. Don't know what i'm gonna do with it... But anyway its fun :)

  2. As many of them are bargains, might as well buy. G5 adverts made me desire them, while some of the ridiculously low ebay auctions (in good part due to seller living a relatively close geographic distance when using actual cost for postal service) were the clincher. :D

  3. Just checked that Twitter account. It is a fake!

  4. Even an old imac G4 looks absolutely beautiful as a decorative conversation piece, if not being used. I wouldn't throw it out.