Thursday, October 3, 2013

Odds & Ends: Emails, Links, and Screenshots

I've gotten a few emails recently that I thought I'd share with you. First off, Michael C. points out his new Quadras, Cubes and G5s blog. It's a WordPress blog, so it looks much nicer than mine :) Also, he's been rummaging around the University of Michigan Software Archive and found something I've always been curious about--a CPU meter for OS 9. So go over there and check out the full story!

Reader Gaƫl E. informs me of a handy tool to create applications that run from OS X's menubar. It's called Tapir, and it also has a sequel called Platypus. Check out Tapir's screenshot page to see what it can do with the "df -h" command. There are many many more possibilities.

Finally, K.M. sent me a cool screenshot of a GTK-ish app running on Leopard. It's a media collection manager called Griffith that only officially supported Snow Leopard, but with the dependencies listed on their download page, K.M. compiled it and got it running on PowerPC. It's using the DVDEmpire plugin which can be found along with many other updated plugins on this berlios page (many of the plugins that came with the application are now out of date).

Griffith on Leopard PPC

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