Tuesday, April 2, 2013

We Interrupt Our Programming...

Several times recently I've left comments on blogspot blogs that either never showed up or disappeared soon after posting. I can see two possibilities. First, my commenting style is so rancid that every blogspot blog admin deleted my comments without exception. Or second, my comments are getting sucked into Blogger's spam folder, as has happened to several of my commenters including one who goes by the name commenter.

If anyone has any ideas on how I can get off whatever s___ list google put me on, feel free to leave it in the comments. I'll double check my spam folder to make sure yours doesn't get sucked in there, too.


  1. I'm pretty sure a blogger beginning with Z and ending in en deletes valid comments. Which is strange since he likes to write abuse on other peoples blogs.

    1. None of my comments got deleted from there, though.

      But if you want to talk smack about him, go to his blog and do that.

    2. Dan, I bet you anything that this anon is the one from the UK I have tagged as the "Plusnet Know Nothing". All the signs are there.

      Their ISP is Plusnet in the UK they always run Linux @ 1024x768 with Firefox as their browser. I can even give you the IP if needed.

      I see that you use SiteMeter here so if you ever get some anon making totally nonsensical or even flat out delusional comments then thats them.

      They have attempted to get a few of their out right misinformed and senseless comments posted to my and dr.dave's blog and I rejected them right away.

      Don't blame them though.. delusional people don't know they're delusional. Because they're delusional.. A vicious circle of misinformation.

    3. And there it is - the creepy, threatening, abusive reply one comes to expect.

      Dan, I don't wish for this to turn into a spat on your blog, but would you please afford me the right of reply to the above comment? Let's put some facts on this...

      @ Zen, Don't think I wrote anything delusional to your blog, just asked for evidence of what you were saying. Clearly you can't provide any so you went all North Korea and censored my posts.

      For example, I'm genuinely interested if people are having fan problems in Ubuntu since I made the change to the kernel which makes it different from debian. If there was a problem then I would seek to rectify it, but as I explained in my censored post there are no bug reports or even forum posts that indicate there is a problem. I posted (against my better judgement) to see if you/Dr dave could provide any details. As I previously explained (unpublished), Debian Squeeze/MintPPC 9 has no out of the box fan control for G4 iBooks/Albooks. If you don't modprobe the correct module then you are cooking your laptop to an early grave. Why you didn't want your readers to know this I have no idea.

      And the original comment was to Dr Dave not you. I had previously learnt my lesson there. It is a pity Dr Dave posts on your site and not this one since I enjoyed reading his posts (not yours).

      Dan has an article that says "why the abuse towards linux?". Well if you (Zen) are representing linux on various sites then it is no wonder. I think my other unpublished post to your blog warned you about creating such a backlash when you post in such an aggresive tone. I know I am not the only one to ask you to tone down your comments and to treat people better. You don't win an argument by calling the other person stupid, and I think I told you this. Whilst these type of comments are sometimes entertaining to read, I can tell you they are not nice to be on the end of. In cyberspace you have no idea about people's state of mind and how they may react to your bullying posts. I'm partial to writing an abrupt reply myself and I always kick myself about it afterwards.

      I warned you before 12.10 was released that there were major problems with it, so I asked you not to push it at people because it did not represent lubuntu/linux well (again you chose not to publish this). These problems as far as I am aware have not been fixed in 13.04 (I don't see any evidence of testing from you, contrary to what you say). Dan noted some of the problems in his 13.04 review. 12.10 was supposed to be a low key release, just to keep the PowerPC port going. 13.04 I expect will be something similar. I saw this coming which is why I tested (alone) the long term support options of Ubuntu and Kubuntu to make sure they were released. I made sure Xubuntu ran well (3 year support). I've also released MATE packages to mirror Linux Mint Maya (5 year support).

      So nothing delusional, it was all common sense, with helpful advice for your readers from the author of most of the content in the Ubuntu PowerPC wiki pages.

      Zen, please pause and think before you type, particularly if you are writing away from your blog. If you can de-motivate one of the top contributors to PowerPC *ubuntu over the last few years, then what are you doing to those new to or thinking about trying out linux?

      Signed anon/rsavage/ojordan/and the various other made up names I use.

    4. I am not abusive toward Linux at all. I encourage the use of it esp. for internet use if you actually read the content on the blog. You clearly don't read it as you think I push the newer builds. I mention on my and dr.dave's blog several times in several posts and comments that 12.04 is the best build all round.

      I cannot help but think you're delusional when almost all the claims you make say something different to my experience.

      I never claim to know everything but I do indeed know what I have experienced on my hardware.

      If you ever had anything truly informative to offer in those comments then they would have been posted. You mention those comments like you offered me the world and I said no. You offered something which made no logical sense on most occasions and sometimes seemed to resemble some type of made up self truth for you.

      Some of your comments were valid and those posts were posted. Most of them just invent a reality that only lives in your mind. Sorry but it's the truth.

      I am quite new to Linux and I seem to comprehend some things better than you do so that doesn't say much for you as someone who is trying to tell me what is what.

      Calling yourself "one of the top contributors to PowerPC *ubuntu over the last few years" seems a bit sociopathic based on a lot of your claims of "knowledge".

      PowerPC Liberation is not a democracy, it's a dictatorship run by an OpenBSD cluster computing developer/tech and a Veterinarian. We are both capable in every subject we write about and we don't invent facts.

      As it says in the mission text on the blog: "We have a strong desire to share sound and accurate information. Any subject we write about is something we have had direct, personal and practical experience with."

      If comments don't meet that same criteria then they don't get posted. Simple as that. Start making some sense in your comments and I will post every single one.

      There is an email address on the blog you can also send concerns or complaints to. Using the Luddites blog as a place to make jabs at me is both lame and intrusive to Dan. I consider Dan and this blog the closest ally to our blog and I will not tolerate people fucking up his shit with drama about me.

      Anything you need to say to be just shoot me an email at powerpcliberation@gmail.com

    5. I can see this could run and run, so this is going to be my last post here. To answer a few of your points:

      My original post was completely on topic. Dan's article was about comments on blogs disappearing, and one of the options was that they were being intentionally deleted. Now, I had a theory that you deleted posts, but obviously I could not prove it. So with my original short comment here I added a (admittedly snide) remark that I thought was likely to goad a response from you.

      It did and your two long comments here have proved beyond doubt my original assertions about you.

      I didn't know what blogs Dan was having trouble with. You could of left my comment and I would of been the one to look bad. But that is simply not your style.

      If I've had posts deleted then it is likely others have or will in the future and people should be aware of this. They are getting a completely false perspective by visiting your site. I'm sure most of the linux community do not support your views, your over the top attacks on low-end-mac for instance. Linux is not for everybody, and you should respect another persons opinion rather than throwing insults at them. Again, you don't win anybody over this way. You've caused a "them and us" attitude which is not helpful or productive.

      Your guides/advice contain errors, some of the statements you make are wildly untrue. Yet there is no reliable mechanism through which they can be corrected by others.

      You say my comments were delusional, senseless and "made no logical sense on most occasions". Obviously I cannot remember them word for word to disprove you, but I have a pretty good idea of the content. My last post mentioned the fans as I've already explained. I don't have a lot of experience with MacOS X, but in my brief use of it I'm sure it was spinning down the hard disks a lot more than linux does. This will be one of the reasons fans come on more in linux, but it is possible to alter the hard disk behaviour in linux as I think I explained to you. I addressed the claims of "buggyness" and explained that this is caused by apport. You can read about it here http://www.webupd8.org/2012/06/how-to-get-rid-of-internal-system-error.html . I haven't used Lubuntu in a long time, but PCManFM was one of the worst offenders at generating these popup messages by causing a crash report when you shutdown the computer. Distros that don't have apport appear bug free, but actually the bugs are just not being reported to the user.

      If you really didn't understand these comments then you should of asked for clarification. That is what normal people do. They discuss things.

      Why can't you be honest though? Why do you feel the need to lie and fabricate these excuses? The posts were deleted because they were the posts that included criticism of you. I was polite and respectful, I did not swear (unlike you), but the posts did include criticism of your attitude and actions. That is why they were deleted.

      You compare yourself to a dictator and I could of made the same comparison. I have no idea why Dan and Dr Dave want to support such a person, let alone write for them. I won't visit your site again, and I won't visit this one if it supports you. I hope others will eventually form the same opinion and do the same as me. I'm not a MacRumours reader, and I've never seen your posts on there, but it is not hard to see how your bullying attitude got you expelled.

      One last thing, most dictatorships don't end well, perhaps you should reflect on this.

    6. I am never anything but honest. I honestly suck at lies and have no interest or tolerance for them. All I know how to do is be extremely forthright and never leave anything worth saying unsaid. You don't have to like my methods as I am not in it to please you or make friends. I am in this to share my thoughts and experiences with others.

      You claim there are errors in my guides but that is impossible since everything I ever write is something that works perfectly for me. The only people who have had issues with my install guide for Lubuntu are iMac G4 owners and a few portable users. There was obviously a need for a Lubuntu install guide because my motivation to write it in the first place was about 35-40 requests from readers and this was before I ever really started writing about Lubuntu. I literally did about 8-9 installs in preparation for it because I didn't want to miss anything or get anything wrong. The guide has helped a large amount of people who needed a plain english guide to install Linux for the first time. Ialso mention in the guide that all the methods mentioned worked on G4 towers and that their milage may vary. I would never be so bold as to assume how it runs on hardware I have never installed it on.

      All my written methods whether Mac OS or Linux based are all ones I use myself so when you come along and say I'm wrong you can't look anything but delusional. You constantly try to tell me I am wrong when I know from using the methods I write about that they do work 100% for me.

      About 99% of my PowerPC Linux experience is on Sawtooth and B&W G3 systems so all my writing is based on my experiences with it on that hardware. Everything I write about is something I do in real life on this hardware and I have no time for someone trying to tell me I'm wrong when I know from my own experience that I'm not.

      I can assure you with complete certainty that your comments were not omitted because they criticized me. There are several comments on the blog that have been allowed and include criticisms. The issue with your comments are things I have mentioned above. Like how you try to tell me what works and how on my own hardware.

      This is the crossroads you and I are at. You never comprehend very obvious things and you make wild claims about things that you couldn't possibly ever know unless you were using my hardware with my habits and general methods. I may as well never even have typed this reply though because nothing ever sinks in with you.

      You don't have to agree with or like my ways in any regard but your trying to tell me that my truth is your fiction is just madness. I don't make up anything and our readers respect me for that. Those that disagree with my methods generally stay away out of personal choice but you just obsess over your own delusions not fitting into my reality.

      Fakers, liars and those filled to the brim with misinformation are the biggest hinderance to the progression of any technology and these are the people that the blog speaks out against.

      Be displeased with my content all you like but it's all real and true in every regard. Don't ever expect it to suit your preferences because you're just setting yourself up to be disappointed. This may shock you but it doesn't get written to make you happy.

      You should also consider that you don't have any clue of how anything works or performs on hardware you have never used. Your endless attempts at trying to tell me what will and won't work on my own hardware are the #1 thing that has kept you censored. It's all so senseless and delusional.

      As I told you in your first comment ever (which was posted to the blog) you're really not a big picture person and seem to lack proper perspective in certain fundamental ways.

      Good luck with all that.

    7. As for the way I have dealt with LEM... I have 0 regrets about that. Dan Knight has openly admitted to me that he cannot figure out Linux on PowerPC for the life of him yet he feels qualified to tell others they shouldn't use it. Something like that should bother you if you truly try to contribute to Linux. LEM only panders to fanboys these days and when the founder cannot even figure out how to install Linux he has no business having a public advice type opinion about it.

    8. It sounds like you two have made your points. I just wanted to point out that a few of these comments were temporarily swallowed by Blogger's spam folder, but they've all been restored. But that's probably the last time I'll check for this thread.

      And if anybody from Blogger reads this, your spam filters suck and you have no support email. Please fix, or at least give us an easy way to find a support email so we can hurl abuse at you.

    9. Zen, based on these comments alone I feel the need to chime and call you out. Your comments show complete disrespect for anyone with a differing opinion and experience. You have such vitriol in your tone and attitude that would cause most novices to flee at maximum speed.

      You claim that your instructions and advice are perfect simply because they work for you and anyone who has a problem with them must be either lying or an idiot. Well guess what, differing setups will have different results. What works once will not always work even on the same setup with some trivial difference. So if someone has a problem that does not mean they are lying, insane or stupid. Just since something worked for you on your setup does NOT make it a universal truth.

      You told the other anon that "You should also consider that you don't have any clue of how anything works or performs on hardware you have never used" and then do the exact same thing claiming your guides and information are perfect since you didn't have a problem others are seeing on hardware YOU have never used.

      As for LEM, your attacks against them have been harsh, unreasonable and downright insolent. Dan Knight has never claimed to know much about linux and that's fine. He does however say that as such he can't recommend it and there are better resources for those who want to try it. Many writers on LEM use and have written about linux and enjoy using it. Dan simply places his note that he cannot vouch for their experiences personally.

      As for your claim of pandering, they have a different target audience than you, end of story. LEM at this point encompasses everything from the first macs up to the first couple generations of intel and older idevices that play into the overall apple ecosystem. To not cover those topics would be a disservice to their readers.

      On your claims that they are a link dump, anyone reading anything on their site would know that Dan had hit some financial constraints and had less time to dedicate to the site. Compounding this was their working to move to a CMS which will solve the content problem in the long run but was taking more resources in the short term. I also don't understand why you demanded they not link to you. If your information is so good why would you not want them to be able to send readers interested in linux your way?

      In summary, you lack any tact in your interactions with others and act like a rotten brat covering his ears and screaming when someone doesn't agree with you or has information to add. You show absolutely no respect for anyone with differing opinions or technical expertise that you don't posses yourself. You have helped divide a community and probably turned off many novices from PPC linux alltogether.


    10. A few people dislike Zen for some of the comments he has made over the last couple years but a lot more respect him for his directness.

      If you don't like what he stands for then don't visit his blog. I for one really appreciate what he stands for. He cuts out the BS and writes things that get peoples attention.

      The apple user community needs to be divided when it comes to PPC. The diehard fanboys will never run Linux anyway no matter what anyone ever tells them.

      A line I once heard in a movie sums up Zen quite well. "Sometimes to get peoples attention you cannot simply tap them on the shoulder. Sometimes you need to hit people on the side of the head with a shovel, and then you will find you have their undivided attention."

      Myself and several others really appreciate his approach. He writes for novices from a much higher user level. Say whatever you want about him but he is indeed doing his part to move the architecture forward. The same cannot be said for a large number of PPC blogs.

  2. It was odd. I saw your comment, but it does not appear in my moderation queue. I'll go look for it and try to see where it ended up. (I didn't delete it.)

    1. You might have a spam folder in your dashboard under the comments section. It might be in there. I've been trained to check mine every so often to make sure no one's got mistakenly put there. Yes, I'm the one being trained by the spam algorithm, not the other way around.

    2. It's not in the spam queue either. Very, very strange.

    3. So I'm not on their spam list. I'm on their down-the-rathole list. I'm getting a certain sense of pride in that:)

  3. It got to be a serious Spam to take off all your comments