Tuesday, March 27, 2012

MacRumors Threads

I made fun of Mac forums in an earlier post, but if you haven't checked out the MacRumors Forums, you should because they have a still-active PowerPC section. Here are a few threads you may find useful:

F.A.Q. for Powerpc Macs

Video on PowerPC - Part 1: Playback on G4/G5

OpenMark results on PowerPC Macs

That last one is a long thread benchmarking graphics cards. Stay out of the flame wars. They could get hairy in there.


  1. Nice post.
    P.s. the first link doesn't work :)

  2. The macrumors PPC (oops, I mean PowerPC, please don't hit me) forum is like junior high, without the girls. But I agree, some great posts from time to time.

  3. Life is like Junior High.