Monday, October 10, 2011

SSD Performance on Various 'Books

Check out these videos showing SSDs in action on iBooks and Powerbooks of yore.

First one is MintPPC Linux booting on an iBook G3 800Mhz:

Next one shows web browsing performance on a clamshell iBook:

Also, boot time comparison between a clamshell 466 MHz SSD vs. a Powerbook 1.67 GHz HDD:



  1. Nice videos, the last commentary one was totally bang on. Don't know about you but I was strangely moved by Steve's passing, like someone I actually knew had died, but still feel six years on that they were wrong to move to Intel.

    So in case you don't get over to macrumors, and I wouldn't blame you if you dont't ever go there, I thought I'd briefly detail how I stream HQ and some HD video on my ibook G4 1.2ghz, running tiger 10.4.11.

    Tenfourfox, flashvideoreplacer and downloadhelper are required, flashblock is recommended. Coreplayer is optional. After installing extensions click on flashvideoreplacer icon in far right of address bar, select copy url to clipboard option that appears, another submenu will appear with different quality streams. Open quicktime or vlc or coreplayer, command N in VLC, or command U in quicktime and coreplayer and command V the url of the video into the window that pops up, hit return and watch HQ (360p, 480p) video streaming with considerable ease. You absolutely need Coreplayer for 720p, and the file still needs to be encoded decently, or it will stutter badly. Most youtube 720p seems to work. Flashvideoreplacer only works on a few sites, vimeo, youtube and some popular pron sites, but downloadhelper has a similar function, click on the download arrow and a submenu pops up with the files available for download, a submenu to that allows you to copy the url, open above media players and paste and your off. I've found very few sites don't work well with the downloadhelper extension. Flashblock helps as it keeps other flash processes running in the background and chewing up CPU cycles.

    Just thought I'd share the joy.

  2. hi there... there are really good material here. Good to know there are a powerpc army...

  3. dr. dave, your comment was flagged by Blogger as spam. Sorry about that. It has now been resurrected.

  4. It's also way too long, and its not my blog, it's yours, but I am glad I did not offend you or anything.

    Good luck compiling the latest mplayer for Tiger, I am very impressed you are taking the bull by the horns. Like Cameron Kaiser says, if you want something done sometimes you gotta do it yourself.

  5. Thanks for logical overview of total waste. Computers and dumpster site are a bad match!

  6. Here is one contribution to SSD in powerpc macs: