Thursday, August 11, 2011

Time to Update MacTubes Again

Youtube changed something in their url schemes, so time to update MacTubes to 3.0.8 to get it working again. Test it by doing a search of throwing muses bright yellow gun rvsaid and see possibly the most incongruent match between band and studio audience ever.


  1. Throwing Muses and MacTube´s custom icons are cool!

  2. Kirstin Hersh and bandmates look like people you would like to have a beer with even today and the audience look like time travelers from a place and time that you would rather forget. Bet they all ran home and put on Jesus Jones...

  3. just updated thanx a lot

    ...sorry to be offtopic, I tried searching your posts about streaming radio apps, what would you recommend as lightest streaming radio player for tiger os x 10.4 on my imac g3, I searched for fstream version 1.4.2 since that is the last one that works on tiger but could not find it...anything better than it ?

  4. I used FStream briefly a long time ago. I finally surrendered and settled on iTunes.

    It's still lightweight if you turn off all the "features" that try to get you to buy things.