Monday, June 8, 2015

Three Questions About El Capitan

1. Is it faster than Yosemite?

2. Is it still spyware like Yosemite?

3. Do I have to worry about my parachute failing to unfurl?


  1. Not sure if you've tied this in with the Mac code names, but the Yosemite was the B&W G3 code name, and El Capitan was the Apple name for the case design used from the B&W G3 through to the MDD.

    Sorry to hear about the woman's death. She certainly was pretty daring for a 60yo.

    1. Huh. Had never heard of the El Capitan case name before.

    2. It was never a well-spread name, but that was what they called the basic design of the rounded 4 handled case on the Yosemite and all the G4 towers.