Sunday, December 8, 2013

Let's Play...

...let's link to other people's PowerPC Youtube channels! These are (more or less) PowerPC centric, though I don't vouch for the quality of each and every vid.

The iBookGuy - Not just iBooks!

The PowerPC Hub - Actually a mix of MacIntel, iOS and PowerPC.

Lmull3's Geekery Emporium - Macs and Mac clones.

ItsMyNaturalColour - The dude with the white hair.

BBISHOPPCM's World - Some really old vintage stuff.

gavinstubbs09 - A few PowerPC videos here.


  1. The iBookGuy is an expert in recovering iBooks of diferent ages. He was a reputed iBooks seller, years ago. I was atonished(?) he did not know about TenFourFox. I saw years ago stunning videos for cleaning iBooks and Toyota Prius battery experiments.

  2. He does actually know about tenfourfox, but he was using an early intel mac mini on Tiger, and there is no tenfourfox for Tiger Intel. Well, actually there is but it was only experimental, an early 17.

  3. I realised later that he has TFF on iBooks and miniG4