Saturday, August 4, 2012

Uh oh...

Via comments at TenFourFox Development Blog, I see Dr. Dave's favorite Firefox add-on FlashVideoReplacer has announced they're ceasing development. From the developer's website:
Due to changes in Google policy in regard to third-party YouTube apps, FlashVideoReplacer development and distribution has been suspended, until further notice.
Too bad for FlashVideoReplacer, but even more alarming are the implications for other Youtube third party clients like MacTubes and YouView. The next time Google makes some change to Youtube's url scheme, FlashVideoReplacer will break, but will MacTubes and YouView follow suit? So far I haven't found any statements from their developers, but I'll keep my eye out. In the meantime watch as many videos as you can. To get you started, here's some clips of Germans playing video games:


  1. Thanks for spreading this ominous news to the PPC community, but I have sincere hope that the other developers who make amazing programs like Mactubes (Youview has also ceased active development, but developer says he will fix it when youtube changes their stream protocols) will keep on developing their third party youtube solutions. Flashvideoreplacer still works as of this date, but frankly the developer has always seemed a little....not that into it. Maybe that's all there is to it.

    I had already moved away from flashvideoreplacer to the greasemonkey script viewtube. Viewtube in the latest Camino is the best solution for viewing youtube in a browser on PPC. You need geekmonkey, which makes userscripts installable when you drag the install button off of a page on to the bookmarks toolbar. Its a bit of a pain in the a##, you have to click on the bookmark everytime you want to load a video, but playback in quicktime is smooth, the video is a consistent size (in low def MP4). I even get standard def MP4's to play (though not that well) on my ibook G4 1.07 ghz, something no other browser can seem to handle. Camino is quite remarkable in its low overhead and demands. Might just be the old Mozilla rendering engine.

    I also have moved away from tenfourfox, sadly. It's so slow to be unusable. I still keep tenfourfox 8 around for downloadhelper, but the spinning beach ball of death got to much to bear.

  2. Google declared war!