Monday, June 11, 2012

Unofficial Builds for PowerPC

In light of my previous post on an updated Transmission for Tiger users, I thought I'd put all in one post a collection of unofficial builds for applications that have officially left Leopard and Tiger behind but have had users step up and compile unofficial builds that run on those systems. Most have these have already appeared here in previous posts, but some are new.

Transmission 2.31 for Tiger can still be found on the 5th post of this thread (UPDATE: Download link in that thread is dead. Here's a new one.)

Filezilla, a full featured FTP client, has a page of Tiger builds here.

Handbrake 0.9.5 for Leopard PPC is here.

Songbird for Tiger and Leopard PPC is still hosted at Thomas Legg's Geek Blog here.

A universal binary for the racing simulator TORCS courtesy of Stephen Hudson is in my Mediafire folder. It's for v1.3.0 (the last official Mac build was for 1.2.4).

zDoom, an enhanced port of the original Doom, has Mac builds on this page. The latest stable release is 2.5.0 at the bottom. You need the original game files to play this as it's just an engine.

And of course there's TenFourFox and TenFourBird, though they might be considered forks rather than unofficial builds. And also there's Leopard-Webkit for those of you who want a webkit browser.


  1. Dan, I get new updates on my Power Mac G4 (Quicksilver) daily. I'm running Mint PPC on it. Version 11 will soon be declared stable. It's a great alternative to Mac OS X.


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  3. I use and love MintPPC myself, but I gotta say its still more than a little rough around the edges. I hope the stable version of 11 has DVD playback capability, as most OS'es have had that since 1998 or so. I know its not the developers fault, but its a pretty basic thing to have on any machine.

    Also video playback still leaves a lot to be desired. Minitube is very buggy, and most of the flash replacer options on Linux PPC are hodgepodge at best. Midori is one freaking fast sweet little browser though. Sweet.

  4. Here you have some official hosted but unofficial build of inkscape for tiger ppc:

    and I guess this is for 10.5 (didn't tried it)

  5. dr. dave: "I hope the stable version of 11 has DVD playback capability, as most OS'es have had that since 1998 or so."

    On my Debian testing install, DVD playback works. Maybe the MintPPC developer is using a Debian testing from a different date as his foundation. I'll update my Debian system and see if I find the same bug.

  6. I installed MintPPC 'cause I wanted to see this DVD & audio CD playback problem myself, and I couldn't get any of it to work in Exaile and Totem, but audio CD playback worked in audacious, vlc, and xine-ui, and DVD playback worked in vlc and xine-ui, too. It could be there's a problem with applications that are Gnome or gstreamer related.

  7. osx-xbmc-11-eden-powerpc