Sunday, December 4, 2011


Windows '95:

Windows 95 desktop

iOS '11:

iOS home screen

Wow. We've come a long way in 84 years.


  1. hilarious post, as per usual. What follows probably falls under the heading of a bad idea, but:

    This guy:

    has figured out how to make Flash version 10.1 (I'd bet my eye teeth its still 10.1 PPC though he's a little vague) look like Flash version 11.1 to websites like Facebook and CNN. They now happily serve up flash video instead of annoying update messages. This brings up two questions:

    a) why hasn't anyone done this before?
    b) what, if any real "progress" in flash has there been since Adobe decided PowerPC was no longer worth supporting?

  2. Win 95 was at least an innovation in some aspects. iOS just pretends to be so.

    I have installed the Flash Player patch for PPC described above. It works. But it shouldn´t, huh? Adobe`s progress is a lie. Find a way to make a server "think" you´re using Flash 11, and you will be able to play Flash videos with Flash 6 on Mac OS 9. That´s the truth.