Wednesday, November 9, 2011

SVN, Git and Xcode for Tiger

So I'm having this nightmare trying to compile the latest development version of mplayer on Tiger, and I plan on writing about it if my tears don't short out my keyboard before then, but I thought I'd drop by with a quick post in the meantime about some tools you'll need in the process.

These are basic development tools that are getting hard to find for Tiger, and they're also not just for compiling mplayer. If you want to do any compiling or developing, these are the tools you want.

First one's the big one. Xcode from Apple. You can get this either from your install DVD or by downloading it from Apple's website. It's better to download it as you can get the latest version. You have to sign up for a free developer's account and then do a little hunting around on the site, but if you click Resources at the top, then find a Mac OS X Downloads link, you'll eventually come to the Downloads section. Tiger users want to download Xcode 2.5 Developer Tools. Leopard users, your latest version is I believe 3.1.4. The whole install will end up taking a couple of gigabytes, but on the plus side you now start developing all those awesome apps for Tiger you always wanted to.

Another tool you'll need to retrieve source code is SVN, a version control system that supplanted CVS as the popular choice. The Tiger version can be found by going to svnbinaries: Home, then clicking on "Need to download older binaries?", clicking the OS X folder, then choosing Subversion 1.4.6 Universal.

The last tool I have for you is Git, a version control system that supplanted SVN as the popular choice. Honestly, world, I wish you'd make up your mind. Both Tiger and Leopard universal binaries can be found here.

One thing going for Git, it has the funniest install ReadMe I've seen. It says, well, I'll just quote it:

GIT - the stupid content tracker

"git" can mean anything, depending on your mood.

• random three-letter combination that is pronounceable, and not actually used by any common UNIX command. The fact that it is a mispronunciation of "get" may or may not be relevant.
• stupid. contemptible and despicable. simple. Take your pick from the dictionary of slang.
• "global information tracker": you're in a good mood, and it actually works for you. Angels sing, and a light suddenly fills the room.
• "goddamn idiotic truckload of sh*t": when it breaks
I vote the latter.

UPDATE: Oh, look. Somebody made Homebrew for Tiger and Leopard PowerPC.


  1. Thank you so much for posting the link to svn! It's almost impossible to build (on any platform, not just Mac OS X PPC) and I couldn't find links to the binaries anywhere (they were all 404s). Now my G4 DAW running Tiger Server can check out svn repositories. Thanks again!

  2. Dan,

    thanks for the laugh-"I plan on writing about it if my tears don't short out my keyboard before then". I know how you feel.

    Almost one year to the day and I'm doing similar, seeing if I can compile latest ffmpeg and VLC optimised specifically for PPC 7450 running Leopard 10.5.8

    I'm still in the process of trying to get Git and Homebrew to work. "Universal", it seems has changed its meaning.

    Getting past square one is hard. Tried to get tigerbrew via git and got "git-remote-https requires version 6.0.0 or later, but libcurl.4.dylib provides version 5.0.0" Doh! Curl native to Leopard not sufficient. Now compiling new Curl. Git and Homebrew are not PPC friendly.

    Two steps back for every step forward.


  3. I've managed to install and use git itself (v, but what I keep searching for is a *GUI* for it, and-or X-code integration, for *Tiger*.
    All the GUI's I've been able to find are for at least Leopard.
    Do you know of one for Tiger?, or one whose source is open and old enough to make back porting feasible?

  4. Actually a newer version for leopard in available here:
    Also SVN's latest stable copy is 1.5.4, found on the same sight listed above. Scroll to the bottom under older versions.